Save yourself space and time

Leave the heavy lifting to us!

About Us

We at STL3PL want to become your trusted fulfillment service partner. STL3PL cares about your brand’s success and strives to alleviate the stress of packing and shipping, giving you more time to focus on your product.

Our centrally-located St. Louis based warehouse provides fast national delivery times, as well as international shipping. Save yourself space and time, and leave the heavy lifting to us!

Why 3PL

A 3rd party logistic (3PL) company, such as STL3PL, helps you with order fulfillment and shipping. Our experts work with you to create an efficient supply chain suitable for your business.

3PLs take the responsibility of warehouse space, product delivery, and employees from the business, allowing you to focus on more immediate goals and needs.

How It Works

How can we work together in 3 easy steps:


STL3PL will connect with your store and import your SKUs. All you have to do is send us your inventory.


Our climate controlled warehouse will store your inventory.


STL3PL ships your goods to your customers utilizing our negotiated carrier rates.

STL3PL Fulfillment Services

Pick, Pack, Ship

Our software can receive your orders from multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and BigCommerce. Our employees will then pick, pack and ship the orders.

Inventory Management

We will keep track of your inventory and notify you when it is time to restock. Kitting is available.

Same Day Shipping Guarantee

All orders placed prior to 2 pm CST will be shipped that day.

Inventory Allocation

All inventory will be received within 48 hours of delivery.

Optimal Delivery Times

Situated at the center of the country, our warehouse facilitates fast delivery to all national destinations.

Customer Service

We will provide you with better than expected service. Our experienced team members are available to answer your questions.

STL3PL Service Plans

Starting at $2.25

Orders per Month

Starting at $2

Orders per Month

Starting at $1.80

Orders per Month

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